All That Remains' "Asking Too Much"

Hey Pistoleros!
How's it going out there in Internetland?
Thought I'd share a music video I entered into a Talenthouse Competition hosted by All That Remains and Razor & Tie. It's for ATR song 'Asking Too Much'. Cool track, and thought I'd take part, as I haven't really done anything music video-wise for the kind of rock/metal crowd. But it proved to be fun. Although spent 5 days illustrating in photoshop and animating/editing/rendering because I saw the competition last minute. All strenuous stuff. I had only an hour and 1 minute to spare after I uploaded it.

Voting is now live, and I need your help to get noticed. Follow through and have a look-see:

The video is embeded on their for you to watch, or have a double take and watch the video here too:

Sum up,
It's my 50th video apparently. That must be a milestone somewhere. Right, YouTube? Keep rocking people! :)


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